Egg Int.
Egg Int.


Although our eggs may seem expensive at first, it is much cheaper to perform such miracles through purchasing our eggs compared to the usual methods of doing so.

All eggs are guaranteed to safely reach your doorstep without a scratch with our routine quality checks.

Superfood Eggs

One Superfood Egg can fill your stomach on a daily basis.

1 Superfood Egg for $9 SGD (UP $19 SGD)

1 Superfood Egg

Medical Eggs

Medical Eggs are capable of replacing most prescription medicine.

1 Medical Egg for $19 SGD (UP $39 SGD)

1 Medical Egg

Rocket Fuel Eggs

1 Rocket Fuel Egg releases energy that is 100x more dense than existing propelants.

1 Rocket Fuel Egg for $279 SGD (UP $339 SGD)

1 Rocket Fuel Egg

Fusion Eggs

Each Fusion Egg can generate 1 gigawatt-hour of electricity.

1 Fusion Egg for $429 SGD (UP $559 SGD)

1 Fusion Egg